BoxMaster Pro Tower

BoxMaster® is the latest training tool for boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts alike. Designed by professional boxer Rai Fazio, the BoxMaster® is great for improving stamina, coordination, agility and cardiovascular health. Its unique design allows members to throw any punch or combination of punches, with the feel of hitting a focus mitt. Catering to all user levels, the BoxMaster® will encourage greater boxing style fitness participation. In just 30 minutes, through 7 active rounds of punching and 7 active recovery rounds you will hit every aspect of conditioning both aerobically and anaerobically. This new form of boxing style conditioning excites and encourage greater participation in group fitness training and will help improve member retention by offering an entirely different way to get in shape.

BoxMaster Pro Quad

Achieve a full body workout in just 30 minutes using the StairMaster BoxMaster Quad. This new boxing style provides an exciting addition to group fitness training. Designed by professional boxer Rai Fazio, the StairMaster BoxMaster Quad is a fantastic training tool for both boxing specialists and fitness enthusiasts. Experience numerous benefits including improving stamina, coordination, agility and cardiovascular health. The unique design of the StairMaster BoxMaster allows any combination of punches to be thrown as well as providing full body conditioning.

Furthermore, built with four towers it is an effective equipment piece for small group exercises. From the home of HIIT, multiple clients can experience total body conditioning in a quick and intense workout session.



Key Features

  • Multiple Pads and Towers: 12 perfectly positioned striking pads allows a variety of specific punches. Whilst the 4 towers makes it accessible for group exercises.
  • Spring Arm Design: Providing optimal strike absorption for maximum efficiency and injury prevention.
  • Adjustable Equipment: Both the tower and pads can move to find the perfect fit. Accommodating varying heights from 5’0″ to 6’10”.
  • Multiple Users: One trainer can work effectively by training a number of clients on one piece of equipment.

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