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Hi, I’m Alfonso Torres the General Manager here at the Sheraton Gateway,
an 805 Guest Room Hotel located next to Los Angeles LAX Airport.

I am here to express my sincere appreciation for The Gym Equipment Rental Company.

With many hotels still in the recovery stages from the recent pandemic, it’s been very challenging and expensive to complete the needed upgrades and repairs a hotel may need, including the fitness center which is a vital amenity of a hotel.

Our hotel’s gym needed to upgrade its older gym equipment with Hotel Brand Standard equipment. Purchasing a new gym equipment package was out of the question as the needed capital outlay for a hotel gym our size was astronomical. It’s tough enough to pay the high cost of repairs and maintenance of the gym equipment each year.

I have seen firsthand at a previous large hotel I managed, the high-quality gym equipment and affordable full-service rental programs GER offered, so I reached out to the Director of Sales and scheduled a meeting with our hotel’s ownership and myself.

Our ownership was very excited to see that an affordable program could be created with very little capital outlay, and one that fit into our hotels budget and did not break the bank.

They offer a contract-free, risk-free alternative to purchasing. Their full-service rental program facilitates cost-effective upgrades for hotels, enabling the enhancement of individual pieces or entire gym facilities.

They even customized our gym equipment with our hotel’s logos on each machine. GER placed our hotel’s gym on their company’s Liability Insurance which was a huge plus for our hotel ownership.

I recommend Gym Equipment Rental Company to anyone seeking reliable and high-quality
Hotel Compliant Gym Equipment from a company that provides impeccable service and
affordable programs.

Alfonso Torres

General Manager Sheraton Gateway

I would absolutely recommend Gym Equipment Rental to everyone! I know, and I have already!

Abdul Abou Shadi

General Manager

Whether you’re a small private gym or a big box gym, I highly recommend Equip Your Gym to help you outfit your gym

Gabriela Canedo


I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for Gym Equipment Rental and the exemplary service provided by Lance Zavela, Director of Sales. As the Interim General Manager at the Hotel Paradox, Santa Cruz CA, the hotel, as part of Gym Equipment rentals no risk lease program received the beautiful gym equipment in February of 2024. I have had the privilege of witnessing their exceptional work firsthand and Lance's unwavering commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Gym Equipment Rental Co. stands out for several reasons:

1. Professionalism: You consistently demonstrated professionalism in every interaction. From initial consultations to project execution, always maintaining a high standard of conduct. 2. Strong Work Ethic: The efficiency of installation by your team exhibited a remarkable work ethic. Their commitment to meeting deadlines and going the extra mile is commendable. 3. Quality Deliverables: Whether it’s their products or services, Gym Equipment rental delivers top-notch quality. One example of their attention to detail - every piece of equipment featured the Hotel Paradox logo. 4. The immediate positive feedback from our hotel guests also speaks volumes to the quality of the equipment.

In summary, I recommend Gym Equipment Rental to anyone seeking reliable and high-quality Gym Equipment.
Wishing Gym Equipment Rental continued success and growth!

Michele L. Uhaze, CHA CTA

Task Force General Manager Pyramid Global Hospitality

Production Company, CA
As a film production needing to rent gym equipment/ maintenance. Gym Equipment Rental is the only place to go. Not only did they have the gear needed but were more than accommodating to ever changing needs

Alex Pelinovschi

Assistant Production Coordinator

All of the fitness equipment was above our expectations! We would 100% recommend Gym Equipment Rental to others. So much so that we’re planning to partner with them to outfit 2 other facilities in the coming year!

Columbia Distributing

Kent, WA

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